Network Device Monitoring

ECS/ie can be configured to monitor any number of devices connected to a TCP/IP network. ECS/ie will periodically 'ping' the registered servers and alert the relevant system administrators by email or page them via SMS messaging if a positive response is not received from the device within 10 seconds. ECS/ie will also notify the system administrator if the AS/400 that ECS/ie is running on also fails.


Define email Distribution list

There are five reserved email extensions used within ECS/ie that do not result in an email being generated, using the reserved email extensions causes ECS/ie to perform other functions. 

Note:  Extensions  "FTP" and "OUTQ" are reserved for Spool file processing only. Extensions "SMS", "MSGQ" and "BRKM" can process  the body of email text only, not attachments. 

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