FTP Server & Web Publishing

ECS/ie can send Spool files as HTML, PDF or TXT files via FTP to a Local or Web Server. Possible uses are; automated archiving to a local server and Web publishing of Spool files. 

FTP Servers names are configured in an email address format. The process of FTP'ing files to a local/remote server the same as sending an  email with an attachment. emails sent to FTP servers must contain an attachment. The content within the body of the email will not be sent via FTP. 

The FTP Server email address format is REFERENCE@SERVER.FTP . This FTP address is automatically assigned when the FTP Server is configured.   

When ECS/ie reads an email address it searches for the suffix '.FTP' in any case combination. If it finds the suffix then it knows that the message is to be FTP'd. It then retrieves the FTP Server details and sends the file to the server.

If there are configuration errors, authority issues or if ECS/ie cannot connect with the Server via FTP then an Error email is sent to the ECS/ie Administrator.

FTP Server Configuration


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