Electronic Outbox Set up and Configuration

Any spool file placed in an AS/400 Output queue defined as an Electronic Outbox ("e-outbox") are automatically emailed to the recipient via ECS/ie. The email address is retrieved from within the spool file text.

ECS/ie retrieves the email address by scanning for a user-defined label in a single line of a spool file. The user defined label can exist anywhere within the spool file. The scanning process is case sensitive.

The spool files can be sent in a number of formats, either as text within the body of the email or as an attachment in PDF (Adobe Acrobat, Portable Document Format), HTML (Hyper text Markup Language/Web Browser) or TXT (Text) formats.

Only Spool files with a Printer Device Type of *SCS (SNA Character Stream) are currently supported by ECS/ie.

ECS/ie will expect the email address to be placed immediately following the user defined label.

The "e-outbox maintenance" window will now be displayed.

Note: ECS/ie will not create the output queue on the AS/400. This must already exist on the AS/400

The "Add e-outbox" window should now be displayed.

Note: Some spool file attributes, such as Highlight & Underline are not supported by when sending the spool file data within the Body the email, HTML or Text.

HTML Header & Footer Graphics

If the option to send the spool file as an HTML attachment is selected then it is possible to link graphics, images or company logos to the Head and foot of the HTML document.

ECS/integrated email does not imbed images within HTML documents but links to graphics held on an internet server. HTML documents with linked graphics can be sent as an attachment to an email or FTP'd to a web server.

HTML documents are normally viewed with a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, for the graphics to view correctly the user must have access to the server where the linked graphic resides. For example: If the linked graphic file is stored on your web server then the user must have internet access to view the graphic. If the user does not have access to the graphic then just the spool file data is displayed.

If the option to end the spool file as an HTML attachment is selected the following panel is displayed: 

When the HTML attachment file type is selected the panel automatically extends to request the details about the Header & Footer graphics.

Defining the Label List for e-outboxes

To add a label to an e-outbox.

Tip: you can use the right hand mouse button to perform all functions performed by the buttons.

Note: The label length cannot exceed 20 characters and is case sensitive.

Note: It is possible to define an output queue as both an "e-outbox" and an "e-outq". In this case the spool files will be searched for user defined labels and then sent to the relevant email address. Any unsent spool files will then be sent to the defined distribution list set up for the e-outq.

There are five reserved email extensions used within ECS/ie that do not result in an email being generated, using the reserved email extensions causes ECS/ie to perform other functions; 

Note:  Extensions  "FTP" and "OUTQ" are reserved for Spool file processing only. Extensions "SMS", "MSGQ" and "BRKM" can process  the body of email text only, not attachments. 

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